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About rentersPlus.com

rentersPlus.com is dedicated to bringing the very best search experience to apartment seekers. No one enjoys looking for an apartment: it's hard and it takes time. We harness the resources of the Internet to save you time, and help you find that perfect fit. Our mantra is Laser Accuracy.

Individual Apartments

Most apartment sites, and even the so-called apartment magazines, don't have apartment listings: they have building listings. Our database is engineered to model each individual apartment. So if you're looking for a 2-bedroom with a microwave oven, we'll only list 2-bedroom apartments with microwaves. And when you call the leasing manager for that building, you'll know that apartment is available.

Accurate Listings

We don't maintain our database: the landlords do. After all, who better knows what apartments are available and when? We've made it super easy for them to log in and list or delist their apartments. In fact, they have complete access to every facet of their property: from the type of building, to the number of floors and apartments, to descriptions of the property, apartment, or the many pictures. They control it all.

So our listings are completely up-to-the-minute. As soon as a landlord lists an apartment, before he even logs out, that apartment is now available for searches. And conversely, when an apartment is delisted, it no longer appears in search results, so you don't waste time calling. Laser accuracy.

Powerful, Flexible Search Tools

A great database design is only half the story. We also give you terrific search tools to mine that data. We like to call it fine-grained searching. In addition to specifying where you want your apartment, and how much you want to pay, you can select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, above or below given floors, type of building, and most importantly, the date required. Plus, we have comprehensive lists of amenities for properties and apartments. These not only allow you to specify which amenities you're interested in, but also which ones you definitely don't want.

After you've entered your criteria and pressed the Search button, we give you all the listings which match. But what if there are too many? Or too few? No problem. Just click the Refine Search link, and you're back in the Criteria Review page, which allows you to modify any aspect of your search criteria. Feel free to make it more inclusive or more restrictive, and search again. It's that simple.

And once you've tweaked your criteria just so; once you have just the right number of search results, and boy, do those apartments look good! What then? Will you have to re-enter all those criteria again next time? No way! We're all about saving you time, remember? You can save your criteria sets. That's right: if you have more than one, you can save each one individually.

Beyond the Search

Your criteria sets have one other feature you might find useful: you can set each one to receive daily e-mails alerting you of new listings which match them. So you'll never miss a listing which fits your criteria.

While reviewing your search results and e-mail alerts, if you find an apartment you think is right for you, you can add it to your hotlist with a single click. You can set a status for each hotlisted apartment of Called, Spoke or Visited. You can also put in your own notes. And finally, you can order the apartments to suit your preference.

Is That All?

Well, for the moment, yes. We have plans for many more features, so keep checking in every so often. Or better yet, we'll be sending a newsletter to registered members every few weeks, which will announce new features as they come online.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas for features you think would make your apartment search easier, faster or in any way better, please let us know.

Until then, thanks for your support, and happy hunting!

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