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Landlord FAQ

Q1. What is rentersPlus.com?

rentersPlus.com is dedicated to being the best resource for listing and finding apartments on the Internet.

Q2. There are lots of apartment sites. What makes rentersPlus.com special?

We've put together a package which we believe will be especially compelling for landlords:

  • Low monthly rate for putting your listings online.
  • Complete 24-hr access to your properties' descriptions, amenities, images and listings. Feel free to change them anytime you like.
  • Up to 20 photos of your building and units are included.
  • Unique property codes can be added to your external advertising.
  • Regular e-mails showing the number of hits your listings got, and other useful statistics.
  • Persistent descriptions, so you don't have to re-enter your property's description every time it goes on the market.
  • Free searches for tenants, along with a whole slew of other great features, all free, means there'll be more of them coming to rentersPlus.com!
Q3. Speaking of tenants, how will rentersPlus.com attract them?

We've developed a comprehensive marketing plan for online and offline advertising, including search engine placement and print ads. But, more importantly, tenants will flock to our site because of the many benefits we're offering, which they'll find nowhere else:

  • Current and accurate apartment listings.
  • Fine-grained, amenities-based search facilities.
  • Multiple stored criteria sets.
  • Daily e-mails of new listings matching their criteria.
  • Hotlist facility to keep track of their favourite apartments.
  • All of this, and more, FREE!!!

By providing tenants with these powerful, flexible and precise tools, we believe they'll experience a new sense of empowerment in searching for their next home. And that's what will keep them coming back.

Q4. How much space do I get for my unit descriptions?
A4. As much as you need! Go ahead and wax poetic about the awe inspiring view and stunning sunsets. Get chatty about the wonderful neighbours. List the number of block parties you've had. Talk about how quiet the street is, or how convenient the bus is to your door. We won't charge you extra!
Q5. Text and photos: is that all?

No way! Each unit is also described by a very complete list of amenities and policies. Amenities are things such as air conditioning, parking, or swimming pool. Policies are things such as no smoking, or small dogs allowed.

We like to call this a "fine-grained, formal list". It's formal because you only get to check off specific amenity codes, you don't get to type them in yourself. If you did, you might have entered "pool", and a tenant who had asked for "swimmingpool" wouldn't have found your listing.

If there's an amenity or policy you want listed which we haven't thought of, let us know, and we'll see about adding it to the list.

Having a formal amenities list means tenants who get your listing on their results list are that much better qualified. When they call you, they already know a lot more about your property, the unit and your policies!

Q6. What are these unique property codes?

Each property you enter into rentersPlus.com will get its own code or ID. You can add this information to your other forms of advertising so prospective tenants can see your unit's description and photos. This will maximize your advertising dollar's efficiency.

The Detailed Results pages for each unit will display a link utilizing the property code.

Q7. How soon will my listing be available to tenants?

Right away! When you activate one of your units, it immediately sets up the listing in the database. So the next tenant to do a search which matches your unit, will see your listing among his results!

And once you've rented the apartment, simply login and deactivate your listing. From that point forward, your unit will not appear in any search results.

Q8. How much does it cost?

During our start-up phase, we'll be offering the listings for free. Once we have sufficient listings, we'll be starting various marketing campaigns to attract tenants to the site. When we can prove to landlords that we have significant traffic, and their properties are getting hits, we'll introduce fees into our model.

We are planning on two fee structures, based on the size of the property: the dividing line we've chosen is 20 units.

For properties with 20 or more units, we'll be charging $40/month.

For properties with less than 20 units, we'll ve charging $1/day, with a 15 day minimum. So you'll only pay for the time your listings are active.

We'll be adjusting our pricing model over time, to guarantee you get the best value from rentersPlus.com!

Q9. Sounds great! How do I get started?

Register as a landlord, and start loading your property info. Don't want to spend the time taking the pictures and entering all that data? We can do it for you with our building capture service.

Once your property is loaded, call Alfred Ayache at (416) 993-2983 to arrange the payment details.

Thank you for your interest in rentersPlus.com!

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