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Tenant FAQ

Q1. What is rentersPlus.com?
A1. rentersPlus.com is dedicated to being the best resource for listing and finding apartments on the Internet.
Q2. There are lots of apartment sites. What makes rentersPlus.com special?
A2. Good question. Here are some of the features of rentersPlus.com which you may not find on other sites:
  • Current and accurate apartment listings
  • True fine-grained, amenities-based search
  • Store multiple criteria sets
  • Daily e-mail notification of new listings which match your criteria
  • Hotlist of apartments which appeal to you
  • Most listings have multiple pictures
  • Free to tenants
Q3. Do I have to register?
A3. Nope. You can perform a search as a guest, and see every unit's complete description, same as a member. But you won't be able to:
  • save your criteria set
  • get daily e-mails of new listings
  • save apartments to your hotlist
Q4. Any other advantages to registration?
A4. Registered members will also have access to various services we'll be introducing in the future.
Q5. Will I get spammed?

Nooo. Well, not from us, anyway; and we won't be giving your personal information to anyone else. You may elect to sign-up for the daily e-mail notification, or not. If you do, we'll only be sending you a single daily e-mail. Once you've found your dream apartment, you can simply change your preferences, and the e-mails will stop.

We may contact you every now and again to let you know of new services we'll be offering; but that will be extremely occasionally.

Q6. Any plans for the future?
A6. Absolutely! We intend to offer our members an array of extremely useful services, most of which will be free. But Shhh! The competition is listening!
Q7. So, where's the beef?

OK, you got us! We're just getting started (launching Jan 1, 2004) and we don't have oodles of listings yet. In fact, we're not attempting to hide this: you'll notice we're advertising the number of properties and available apartments right on the front page! Plus, when performing searches, we let you know exactly how many apartments are currently available in each city. Live!

And, since we do have the best features for both tenants and landlords, we've got high hopes the listing situation'll change soon. We'll be attracting lots of tenants, so the landlords should follow soon after with their vacancies.

In the meantime, see the next question.

Q8. OK, what can I do to help?

Glad you asked! Well, the fact you're on this site is already a big help. Thanks for that. Make sure you register, and log in regularly. Save a couple of criteria sets, and sign up for the daily e-mails. Basically, use all the great features we've worked so hard to bring you.

Beyond that, tell your friends, tell your family. Stop perfect strangers in the street, and tell them about rentersPlus, too! More importantly, tell the landlords and property managers you meet you would've found them a lot faster if they'd advertised their vacancies on rentersPlus!

Finally, thanks for your help and good wishes. If there's anything we could add to the site that would make your apartment search easier or more enjoyable, drop us a line at support@rentersplus.com.

Happy hunting!

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